Code of Conduct

Each coach is reminded to sign this code of conduct which demonstrates to their team and city that their objective to coaching is strictly for the kids. You can download it here: Follow this link. Adobe Reader is needed to view this file. Get Acrobat

Coaching – Leadership Role

As a coach, and a parent, you are the teacher and leader of the young people on your team. These players look to you for guidance and expect you to share your expertise and convey your knowledge to them. Your players, and others that interface with you, are influenced by your actions and deeds.

Please remember to;

Always bear in mind as to the reasons you chose to be a youth soccer coach. Do not waiver from these motives. Do not forget that these young people will reminisce about you, and about this time in their lives, and they will remember what you did, how you acted and reacted, and how you impacted their lives.
You will be remembered.

Reporting Game Scores

The SRSL requires only the HOME coach to report the score of the game. The score is to be reported to the City Representative appointed by the Director of the Home city. Also, for the convenience of all involved, the SRSL has elected to provide game numbers. These will allow everyone involved with the score collection/report process an easier means to obtain information. Follow this link HERE. (Right click and choose Save As) Adobe Reader is needed to view this file. Get Acrobat

Coaches Clipboard

Here are some things coaches can add to there clipboards. Adobe Acrobat Reader is need to view these files. (Right click and choose Save As)

First Aid Tips

Follow the advice of your doctor.
The following is for information only. It has been gathered from a variety of consumer and government health resources. This information should not be interpreted as medical or professional advice. It is not a substitute for seeking a physician, medical attention, or for visiting professional health care facilities. Do not hesitate to call 9-1-1 for immediate medical help

Heat Exhaustion, Heat Prostration.
May include:  Cold, clammy skin, faintness, fatigue, weak rapid pulse, shallow breathing, profuse perspiration, dizziness.   Can be treated by rest in a shaded area or air-conditioned room.
1, Help the victim to lie down in a cool, shaded area or air-conditioned room.

Heat Stroke, Sunstroke. This is a life-threatening emergency.
May include: Extremely high body temperature,; hot, red, dry skin; absence  of perspiration (sweating stops); dazed; irritable; nauseated; the victim may lose consciousness.

Nose Bleeds

May include: Blood from one or both nostrils.


Stings – Bee, Wasp, Hornet

Try to remove the stinger and venom sac. Run cold water, or place an insulated ice bag over the area to relieve the pain and reduce the swelling. Calamine lotion may help relieve the itching, other texts suggest spreading meat tenderizer on the area.
An allergic person should seek emergency medical assistance, immediately.

Strain – An injury to the muscle or tendon. There seems to be pain with moving or stretching the affected muscle or muscle spasms. Acute strains are caused by over stress or direct injury. Chronic strains are caused by overuse. See R.I.C.E. below

Sprain – A violent overstretching in a joint. There may be pain, tenderness, swelling or bruising at a joint.

R. I. C. E.


Please note that some texts advocate P.R.I.C.E.S.   (P=Protection, S=Support)

We encourage you to take a local CPR and first aid course or EMT training.
This is a tutorial, not a first aid manual. Please read the Disclaimer Section.

Sport Drinks

Of the sport drinks available, there are three types that are most popular:

The body sweats in order to maintain proper body heat and in the process, electrolytes are lost. Many people do not know that the body’s production of sweat is controlled to ensure that only small amounts of electrolytes are lost in perspiration. The kidneys also conserve fluid and electrolytes by cutting back on urine production during hydration. Some experts believe it is only after one hour of strenuous exercise such as running that the electrolytes need to be replenished.

The key to good hydration seems to be to drink lot of water before, during and after any workout or activity. Water is essential for proper bodily function. According to a recent study, after 2% of a person’s body weight is lost through perspiration, the person could experience impaired performance. After 4%, the capacity for muscular work declines, after 5% heat exhaustion, 7% hallucination, and after 10% you experience circulatory collapse and heat stroke. Sport drinks are a way to consume electrolytes. Eating a normal diet will provide the body with enough of the electrolytes needed for exercising and physical activity.

If you enjoy drinking sport drinks, you may want to know that you can easily make your own.

You can experiment with the different juices and vary the amount of juice used and your new mix will have the benefits of a sport drink, at a fraction of the cost.

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