Parents Code of Conduct

Each parent is reminded to sign this code of conduct which demonstrates to the league that you abide by the guidelines listed below. You can download it here: Follow this link. Adobe Reader is needed to view this file. Get Acrobat

Parent / Spectator Guidelines - Conduct

There are times during the game, as you watch your family member play, when it’s very difficult to keep from getting too excited, or too involved with the plays. And to keep the game fun, we suggest for all the moms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and every other person on the sidelines to keep in mind the following:

Lead By Example

You are an adult, a parent, and a role model. You are and will always be a role model for good sportsmanship, self-discipline and fair play. Therefore, encourage teamwork and stress that each player is an important part of the team. This teaches children that while there is joy in winning, it can also be found in hard-worked defeat.

Show Interest

Get involved in your child’s team and personal development. Encourage your child to show you what was learned at practice. This is an excellent way to learn about soccer, and it’s also a good way to communicate with your child.

Be Positive

Be aware of the attitude you convey from the sidelines. Applaud all good plays, whether it was by your child’s team or the other team. Your child, and the others on the field, will discover that honest effort is recognized, even when the outcome is not favorable. Good sportsmanship is very important and should not be sacrificed to get a point or win the game.

Have Fun

There may be times that it’s hard to remember that in youth sports, the most important thing is for children to enjoy themselves. Please, do not let the burden of expectation on your child ruin the fun of playing the game. Help your child set goals for the season, and enjoy watching her or him reach for them.

Encourage Confidence

Do not let the win/lose nature of competitive sports undermine your child’s self-confidence. Help you child overcome any fear of failure by encouraging him or her to be proud of personal and team achievements. Point out good things your child accomplishes, such as passing the ball well or meeting a personal goal.

Refrain from being a Sideline Coach or Referee

Coaches and referees in organized sports need your support to help them do their job. Do not coach or referee a game from the sidelines. This has a tendency to undermine authority and confuses the players on the field. If you have an interest in being a coach or referee, please, call any one of your city directors. Many volunteer opportunities are available within our league, as well as most local youth organizations.

Finally, we must always remember, that these games are for the fun for all the children on the field, not just our own.


With the acceptance of my child’s membership in the Suburban Recreational Soccer League, I agree to follow the rules, decisions, and directions of the SRSL. Therein I pledge that I, as a parent, and a spectator, will adhere and abide by the rules as well as the spirit of the Laws of the Game so that the resolve, intentions and philosophies of the League shall not be compromised.

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