Referee Pre-game Guidelines

Arrive on the field at least 15-20 minutes before the start. This should give you enough time to complete the inspections, instructions, etc. Make sure you have all your equipment, watch, whistle, flags, etc. with you.

  1. Verify that the assistant referees are present and have flags.
  2. Check over the field. Note the condition of the playing, technical (coaching), and the spectator area.
  3. Look at the goals, the corner flags, and the markings on the field.
  4. Inspect the equipment of players of both teams.
  5. Meet with both coaches.
    1. Discuss any special expectations or rules associated with this match.
    2. Discuss Goal Differential Rule - Both coaches must agree (Must be waived prior to start of game).
    3. Revisit with them the rules for substitution, throw-in, or corner kicks, off side, and/or …….
    4. Collect and inspect the Game ball.
    5. Request the Captains and Co-Captains to mid field for coin toss.
  6. At center of field, introduce yourself, your assistants, and the captains to each other.
    1. Instruct the players on the procedure for the tossing of the coin.
    2. Toss the coin, and indicate the team to take possession of the ball and the direction of the ensuing kick off.
  7. Request the teams to come on the field for the kick off.
  8. Look over the field one final time.
    1. Ascertain the readiness of the assistant referees
    2. Count the number of players on the field for each team.
    3. Check that all non-players have cleared the field.
  9. Place the ball at center, and position yourself for the kick off.
  10.  Check your stop watch.
  11.  Start the game with blowing your whistle.

Incident Reports

Incidents sometimes happen during the course of a game, whether it be a coach, parent, spectator or player. If an incident does happen during, after or prior to an SRSL game, the Incident Report form should be filled out and either mailed by U.S. Mail or E-Mailed. This form is located on under the "Forms" link above.

Referee Signals

Featuring the SRSL's own Wayne Mertens. Photographed by Laddie Kitzberger.

Advantage Caution Ejection Foul Throw Handball
Advantage Caution Ejection Foul Throw Handball
Direct Free Kick Indirect Free Kick Offsides Striking Tripping
Direct Free Kick Indirect Free Kick Offsides Striking Tripping
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