The SRSL games shall be played in accordance with the LAWS of the game of soccer, except for the deviations listed below. The SRSL Addenda to these Laws follow:


LAW I   The Field of Play    SRSL Addenda

LAW II The Ball    SRSL Addenda

LAW III Number of Players    SRSL Addenda

LAW IV Player Equipment    SRSL Addenda

LAW V The Referee    SRSL Addenda

LAW VI The Assistant Referees    SRSL Addendum

LAW VII Duration of the Game    SRSL Addenda

LAW VIII The Start of Play     SRSL Addendum

LAW IX Ball in and out of Play     NO SRSL Addendum

LAW X Method of Scoring    NO SRSL Addendum

LAW XI Offside    SRSL Addendum

LAW XII Fouls and Misconduct    SRSL Addenda

LAW XIII Free Kick    SRSL Addendum

LAW XIV Penalty Kick   No SRSL Addendum

LAW XV The Throw In   SRSL Addendum

LAW XVI The Goal Kick   No SRSL Addendum

LAW XVII The Corner Kick   SRSL Addenda


Any and all references to the Laws of Soccer are for information only. Please consult the USSF publications for the official LAWS. These above SRSL Addenda are for the SRSL and their use is for the SRSL and it’s members.

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