Article 1. Name and Constitution

The name of the Board shall be the Suburban Recreational Soccer League Board (SRSLB). Middleburg Heights Recreational Soccer and Parma Heights Recreational Soccer, shall constitute the permanent members of the board and each shall be entitled to be represented by one (1) delegate, and shall be herein referred to as Directors.

Article 2. Objectives

The objectives of the Board shall be to interpret the Articles and enact proposed changes to the Rules of the Administration, The Manual of Procedures and Rules of the SRSL, The SRSL Addenda to the Laws, and/or items within the SRSL, pertaining to developmental, recreational soccer, as may be brought to the attention of the Board by affiliate associations, coaches, referees, soccer officials, or other concerned individuals.

Article 3. Amendments or Changes

The Board reserves the right to make any changes herein. Proposed changes shall be submitted in writing or electronically (email), to the Board before August 1, of the year and/or March 1 of the subsequent year, for consideration at the Board meeting.

Article 4. Meeting of the Board

The following meetings have been authorized and mandatory attendance by the SRSLB, member Directors, and/or their respective representatives is required;

Failure by a member director(s) or their representative to attend could, and the Board is not limited, to issuing a written document to this defaulter, and a copy being sent to the appropriate city official of that League advising them of this situation.
The Board also reserves the right to add, change, suspend, or delete any meetings it may feel are necessary, to resolve any issues, interpret rules, or espouse any other business that the Board may wish to address.

Article 5. Fees

An administrative fee, the amount will be determined by the SRSLB, per each team for each session shall be assessed in August and in March. All fees, assessments, fines, etc. must be paid in full, prior to the team scheduling meeting.

Article 6. Quorum and Voting Authority

The business of a meeting shall not be presented nor brought before the Board unless;

  1. at least one delegate of each member league is present or represented, OR
  2. one delegate of at least 2 member leagues (as set aside in Article 1) are present or represented.

Parma Heights Soccer (League) with 1 delegate shall have 1 vote and Middleburg Heights Soccer (Association) with 1 delegate shall have 1 vote along with 3 additional City Directors, which will have 1 delegate for voting each, TO BE DETERMINED. Total of 5 votes.

Article 7. Changes to Addenda, Articles, Rules of the Game

Permanent changes to these Articles, Addenda to the Laws, or Rules of the game can be made only by the Board at any meeting, and then only if agreed to by the majority or 60% of the attending delegates that are entitled to vote.

Article 8. Special Meetings

A special meeting can be called for the Board to convene by any one of the permanent members at the convenience of the board, and its purpose can be to introduce or propose changes or make proposals, as well as to clarify the League’s goals and reaffirm it’s direction.

Article 9. Other Affiliate Associations

An SRSL Director may invite a city/community recreational soccer (team/group) to participate in matches in the SRSL, but only if the majority of the Board is in agreement. These shall be referred to herein as Affiliate Associations and shall be considered as guests, and agree to abide by all SRSL Rules, Philosophy, and etc. as written herein. All privileges and courtesies shall be extended to these affiliate associations, but voting rights are reserved to the permanent SRSLB members.

Article 10. Non-compliance, misconduct, ethics violation

The Suburban Recreational Soccer League Board reserves the right to censure any member or affiliate association member for non-compliance, misconduct or any incident of abuse, whether or not disciplinary action was imposed or not imposed during the course of the game, and/or during the course of membership. The severity of the violation shall dictate the asperity of the disciplinary action imposed. Any non-compliance on the part of an affiliate member could result in the forfeiture of games played and possible loss (forfeiture) of its affiliate status.

Article 11. Decisions of the Board

The decisions of the Board shall be binding on ALL teams participating in SRSL matches on and after the 1st of September and the 1st of March, following the meeting of the Board. Changes to any of the SRSL Rules or Addenda's cannot be made by any association, team, coach, referee, individual, affiliate member or Director. Any changes, temporary or permanent, MUST be made and approved by the SRSLB in accordance with this Constitution.

Amended and Ratified: SRSLB

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